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Mar 2 2015, 01:11 PM

Constitution of the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia


Recognizing the rich and vibrant history and culture of the nations of Eurasia the September Revolution has breathed new life into Eurasia, establishing the vanguard People's Commonwealth to protect this free nation and her People. By adopting this Constitution we, the diverse peoples of Eurasia bound ourselves to the protection of her and the Revolution, pledge undying camaraderie between the Eurasian people and comrades abroad, and do hereby formally bring into existence the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia.

I: The Foundation of the Eurasian State

The People's Commonwealth opens its borders to all like-minded individuals who seek Eurasian Citizenship.

The People hold all power in the People's Commonwealth. This power is to be harnessed and exercised by the Body Politic. This is the unshakable social and political foundation of the PCE, the People's Government answering directly to the People.

A Commonwealth of and for the People: the Eurasian Government itself exists to serve the People and their interests. To these ends consensus based decision making will be employed; the goal of the People's Government being to extend every opportunity to the People to participate in their Government. Only through active and inclusive participation of the People can Eurasia thrive.

II: The People's Government

Article I

The People's Government is to be directed by the Premier of the People's Commonwealth, a position which answers directly to the People. The Premier will work with the Vanguard Revolutionary Council to direct the policy of Eurasia, to promote both activity and the social development and progress of Eurasia, and as a vanguard against any attempts to corrupt the goals of the Revolution which would seek to rob the People of power over the region.

The Administrative Assembly will be composed of two councils; the Vanguard Revolutionary Council and the Council of State Ministers. The Council of State Ministers operate the organs of the People's Government with the advice and oversight of the Vanguard Revolutionary Council. The Prime Minister will serve as the World Assembly Delegate and appoints the Council of State Ministers. The Vanguard Revolutionary Council will likewise be appointed by the Premier.

The VRC will also be called to mediate judicial and legal matters and will preside over any legal proceedings. In this capacity they will act to fairly judge any Eurasian charged with a crime. For a verdict of guilty to be handed down all Vanguard Ministers must cast such a verdict unanimously. Furthermore the Vanguard Ministers will answer any charges brought by a member of the Council of the People concerning Constitutional Misconduct of the Council of State Ministers, including the Prime Minister. In such cases the Vanguard Ministers may call for new elections if such misconduct is confirmed.

Once monthly the Vanguard Revolutionary Council will host a joint session with the Council of the People to form, review, update and address Eurasian policy while ensuring that policy continues to serve the interests of the People.

Article II

It is the responsibility of the Vanguard Revolutionary Council to prepare a Three-Month Plan under which the region will be governed. The Three-Month Plan will outline Eurasian policy for the term of the newly elected government, codifying all domestic, foreign and ideological policies which, by design, have been excluded from this Constitution.

Upon completion the Premier will present the Three-Month Plan to the Body Politic. For the Three-Month Plan to come into effect a unanimous vote of the Body Politic is required. Members of the Body Politic are required to note their specific objections within the Plan so that it may be re-drafted and presented for reconsideration.

The Vanguard Revolutionary Council may, through a unanimous vote, determine items in the Three-Month Plan which are vital to the security of Eurasia. These 'Security Provisions' will be exempt from the consensus requirement, however, are required to be re-authorized every two weeks.

It is the responsibility of the Council of State Ministers to implement the Three-Month Plan and operate the government according to the terms and policies it outlines. The Prime Minister and the Council of State Ministers will abstain from the approval process, being granted an opportunity to lodge concerns and opinions concerning the Plan after it has been approved by the Body Politic.

Article III

Elections for the position of Prime Minister will be held on a tri-monthly basis. These elections will be held over the course of the last week of any given election month. Nominations for Prime Minister will be open for a period of two days, followed by a period of three days to allow for the presentation of a platform along with any debates between the candidates. Two days shall then be allotted for the vote to occur.

The incoming government will take power on the first day of the next tri-monthly term. Should a Minister become unavailable at any time during their term the Prime Minister will be directed to appoint a replacement following an unannounced absence of five days from any Minister of State.

It is the duty of the Premier and the Prime Minister to present their appointed Ministers to the region as a whole. Appointees must make themselves available to answer any questions Eurasians may have for them. Furthermore the citizens of Eurasia will have the power to initiate a recall vote for any Minister which the Premier must act upon within 48 hours. Any citizen with the backing of at least two others may initiate this procedure.

Article IV

The Body Politic shall be comprised of every Eurasian Citizen. Decisions shall be reached through consensus decision making, with consensus votes being held on the Eurasian Forums. Any member of the Body Politic may propose regional law in the form of a Bill.

The Body Politic shall approve all Treaties and Embassies through a vote of consensus, with one 'Nay' vote causing the failure of any such proposal. Amendments to the Constitution shall similarly be approved by a vote of consensus.

Any member of the Body Politic may propose the establishment of an Embassy or an amendment to the Constitution of Eurasia.

III: Adoption

This Constitution will be considered Adopted and in force once it has been voted upon and adopted by the membership of Eurasia.
Mar 2 2015, 01:10 PM
Government of the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia

Premier: Elizabeth Rosalva (Interim)
Prime Minister: Vacant

Vanguard Revolutionary Council:
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
Council of State Ministers:
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Vacant
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
  • Minister of State Security: Vacant
  • Minister of Justice: Vacant
Mar 2 2015, 01:08 PM

Welcome to the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia!

Eurasia, formally the People's Commonwealth, extends comradely greetings to her visitors! Whether you are seeking citizenship in Eurasia, the establishment of diplomatic relations if you're just a visitor passing through we hope this topic answers any questions you may have about Eurasia.

What does Eurasia stand for?

“Peace, Prosperity, Equality: forever forward!”

Eurasia stands for her citizens, for socialist solutions, for equality, for finding peaceful and diplomatic solutions to problems before resorting to violence and war. Eurasia believes in a government which is ruled by the people, not a people which are ruled by their government. Eurasia stands for a NationStates free of fascism, national socialism and the bigotry, hate and oppression such ideologies espouse.

To these ends the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia (PCE) exists to empower the citizens of Eurasia through an inclusive and active democracy which ensures the keys of power remain in the hands of the People. Recognizing that right-wing ideologies, no matter what form they take, pose a threat to the values all free peoples hold dear the PCE works with comrades from across NationStates to combat these elements to create a more fair and equal world.

Opportunity awaits!

In Eurasia there are many ways citizens may take part in what Eurasia has to offer. Two teams work to govern Eurasia; the Council of Ministers and the Vanguard Revolutionary Council. The Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister of Eurasia, govern the People's Commonwealth. This team includes the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Defense and the Minister of Justice.

Recognizing that no political system is immune to decay the Vanguard Revolutionary Council, headed by the Premier, ensures that the government of Eurasia never strays from the values of the September Revolution. The VRC works to uphold the Constitution of the PCE, represents the will of the citizens, and stands ever ready to defend Eurasia from corruption, subversion and the establishment of oligarchies.

This topic is presently a work in progress! Please check back for updates! We hope you enjoy your visit in Eurasia!
Mar 2 2015, 01:03 PM

Welcome comrades!

Welcome to the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia! To complete your registration as a Citizen of Eurasia we ask that you complete the following form, after which you will receive a Citizen's mask!

[b][Center]Application for Eurasian Citizenship[/Center][/b]

[b]Name of your Nation:[/b]
[b]In-Game link to your main nation:[/b]
[b]WA Membership Status:[/b]
[b]Citizenship held in other regions:[/b]

[b]Who (if anyone) recruited you to Eurasia?[/b]
[b]If not recruited, what brought about your interest in Eurasia?[/b]
[b]What aspirations do you have in joining Eurasia?[/b]
[b]Are (or have) you ever been a part of a military organization (TITO, FRA, Black Riders, etc)?[/b]

[b]Please list any prior political experience you may have, whether it be NationStates related or otherwise:[/b]

After copying the above Questionnaire post a new topic with your answered questions and it will be promptly reviewed.
Feb 27 2015, 03:59 PM

Hello Diplomats and Ambassadors!

To receive full diplomatic recognition and access we ask that you complete the following form. Upon being reviewed you will receive a diplomatic mask as well as an embassy or consulate depending on the nature of your regions relationship with Eurasia.

[center][b]Ambassadorial Request[/b][/center]

[b]Name of the region you represent:[/b]
[b]Link to regional website/forum:[/b]
[b]Head of State, Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs:[/b]
[b]Name of the official Diplomat to Eurasia (If different from yourself):[/b]

[b]What political ideology does your region hold?[/b]
[b]Is your region a raider, defender or neutral region in the R/D sphere?[/b]
[b]What does your region seek in pursuing a diplomatic relationship with Eurasia?[/b]
[b]What is your favorite flavor of cheesecake?[/b]

After copying the above Questionnaire post a new topic with your affixed answers.
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