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 An Introduction to Eurasia
 Posted: Mar 2 2015, 01:08 PM


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Welcome to the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia!

Eurasia, formally the People's Commonwealth, extends comradely greetings to her visitors! Whether you are seeking citizenship in Eurasia, the establishment of diplomatic relations if you're just a visitor passing through we hope this topic answers any questions you may have about Eurasia.

What does Eurasia stand for?

“Peace, Prosperity, Equality: forever forward!”

Eurasia stands for her citizens, for socialist solutions, for equality, for finding peaceful and diplomatic solutions to problems before resorting to violence and war. Eurasia believes in a government which is ruled by the people, not a people which are ruled by their government. Eurasia stands for a NationStates free of fascism, national socialism and the bigotry, hate and oppression such ideologies espouse.

To these ends the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia (PCE) exists to empower the citizens of Eurasia through an inclusive and active democracy which ensures the keys of power remain in the hands of the People. Recognizing that right-wing ideologies, no matter what form they take, pose a threat to the values all free peoples hold dear the PCE works with comrades from across NationStates to combat these elements to create a more fair and equal world.

Opportunity awaits!

In Eurasia there are many ways citizens may take part in what Eurasia has to offer. Two teams work to govern Eurasia; the Council of Ministers and the Vanguard Revolutionary Council. The Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister of Eurasia, govern the People's Commonwealth. This team includes the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Defense and the Minister of Justice.

Recognizing that no political system is immune to decay the Vanguard Revolutionary Council, headed by the Premier, ensures that the government of Eurasia never strays from the values of the September Revolution. The VRC works to uphold the Constitution of the PCE, represents the will of the citizens, and stands ever ready to defend Eurasia from corruption, subversion and the establishment of oligarchies.

This topic is presently a work in progress! Please check back for updates! We hope you enjoy your visit in Eurasia!

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Elizabeth Rosalva
Premier of the People's Commonwealth of Eurasia

Hasta la victoria siempre
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